Penelope Johnson, Kreative Pop

Because I am an artist, visual presentation is my medium to make an impact in the art world. Aceoft Studios created my web site with this idea in mind. The design of my web site met with my greatest expectation. Ease of operation and updating was the key for me.

All visitors to my site have commented on the graphic quality, layout and ease of navigation as well as the all encompassing aspect of information that is presented. I have had numerous requests from other artists to be added to my site because of the professionalism that it evokes.

All during the building of my site, Elijah was a pleasure to work with. His range of knowledge, focus and calmness in the midst of deadlines and demands was nothing less than extraordinary. I always felt comfortable and well taken care of in any dealings with him.

It was truly a pleasure to work with such a talented and knowledgeable individual.

Penelope Johnson

Services provided: Web Design, Web Development, Photography, and Design for Print

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